Jianqing Jiang
Former Chairman of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Dr. Jianqing Jiang graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 1984, and successively studied at Shanghai Jiaotong University for master and doctoral programs, and obtained a master's degree in engineering and a doctorate degree in management. He was the chairman of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. He is currently the Dean of CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of International Finance.


Dr. Jiang not only has many years of solid financial work experience, but also has high theoretical literacy. He has in-depth research on financial reform and other related issues. He has published numerous academic articles, and his main publications include: "Research on the Development of Financial High Technology and Its In-depth Impact", "The History of ’Shareholding Reform of China’s Big Banks", "The Memory of the Centuries of World Finance", etc.